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Industria V3 - Boilerroom Edition

07.10.2023 - Industria V3 - Boilerroom Edition

Gaswerk, Bahnhofstrasse 180, 6423 Seewen SZ / 21.00-03:30 / Entry Fee: CHF 15.00

DJ's: Timeok (21-23h), Prisma, High and Heads, Berber

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02.03.2024 - daydance - more details soon...

Music - Online Mixes

melodic house and techno

trance classics

About me


started djing in 1992 with hard-trance, hardcore and acid, his love was always found in melodic music. playing in almost every famous Club in Switzerland (OXA, MAD, Alcatraz, Vanilla, D-Lite, just to mention a few) as well as some clubs and festivals abroad (Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and more), he knows every edge of performing on stage.

timeok releases

official releases - vinyl

2003: Timeok - Sparkling Temptation (Above The Sky Records 014, UK)

Sparkling Temptation

2004: Timeok - Seven Floating Ways (Above The Sky Records 016, UK)

Seven Floating Ways

official release - CD Compilation

2004: DJ Greenhead and Timeok - World in Motion Vol. 1 (Offshore Music)

World in Motion Vol. 1

official releases - digital only

2010: Timeok - Sparkling Temptation (Phoenix Recordings) - including new Remixes

Sparkling Temptation Digital

2015: Timeok - Seven Floating Ways (Phoenix Recordings) - including new Remixes

Seven Floating Ways Digital

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Here you can download my Logo for Flyers and Events

Live - Youtube Stream Channel

i will start in october 2023 with livestreams from my 'sounderground studios' on my new youtoube channel. all dates will be announced here.

you will hear melodic house and techno sets as well as trance classics sets

more details will follow soon...

guestmixes from dj-friends are also in planning. stay tuned and contact me if you are interested.